Frequently Asked Questions


Q. With all the changes to the social welfare and medical card services, what am I actually entitled to now?

A. Patients who are qualified on the dental benefit scheme (PRSI) are entitled to have one examination and any peri-apical x-rays required in a 12-month period. Patients who are medical card holders are entitled to one examination, two fillings and unlimited extractions in any 12 month period.

Q.How much is my treatment going to cost?

A.We do have our pricelist displayed on the website. However, for patients requiring a lot of treatment we are happy to discuss a payment schedule in order to make life a little easier for you.

Q.Can I claim tax relief on my dental treatment?

A.Tax relief is available for root canal therapy, crowns, bridges, veneers and orthodontic treatment and treatment with the hygienist. Contact Ciara, our practice manager for
more information.

Q.I am a very nervous patient. How can you help me?

A. Our staff are trained to look after nervous or anxious patients. However, for the very nervous patients, we can offer you medication in the practice prior to your treatment, to make the experience a little easier.

Q. When should I start taking my children to the dentist?

A. Ideally the younger a child is introduced to a dental surgery, the easier it is it for them to sit in the chair and receive treatment. We recommend bringing your child along with you when you are having routine treatment, and introducing them to the dentist and the surgery. This way, when it comes to their turn, it is not an unfamiliar place.