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Treatments & Prices

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like to discuss any of our Treatments & Prices below.

  1. Examination — (more information)
    The Irish Dental Association recommends that you have an examination every six months. Firstly, we will ask if you have noticed any changes in your teeth or mouth. Then, a thorough examination of your teeth will take place checking for any signs of recent decay or damage. If necessary, x-rays will have to be taken. The earlier we can treat any decay means a smaller filling, which is much easier on your pocket ! Your gums will be assessed and if there is evidence of gum disease that needs intervention we will refer you to our hygienist, Annamarie. Finally, an evaluation of the overall health of your mouth will be carried out ensuring that all is well…
  2. Intra Oral X-ray — (more information)An x-ray will only be taken if necessary and of benefit to the patient. Ultimately, an x-ray is a photo of your teeth that will show us if there are any sites of early or suspected decay or gum disease. As with any x-rays, if you suspect that you might be pregnant it is important that you let us know. Hide€15
  3. Scale and polish — (more information)There is nothing more satisfying than leaving the Dentist with smooth, clean and bright teeth. This is exactly what we achieve when we carry out a “scale and polish”. Not only do you leave happy but we are also confident that your teeth and gums have been expertly cleaned, removing any plaque and calculus deposits (a fancy term for those annoying hard bits that won’t go away !!) preventing any future damage. The result is a happy dentist and a happy patient and a happy, healthy mouth Hide €50 – €60
  4. Fillings ( Silver ) — (more information)
    A filling is needed if the dentist has to remove decay from your tooth, or you have a broken part of a tooth. There are two filling materials that we use: silver and composite (white).
    Advantages of silver fillings-They last longer than white fillings.
    -They are much stronger and can withstand chewing much better than white fillings.
    -They are less expensive than white fillings.
    Hide €90 – €100
  5. Fillings ( White ) — (more information)
    A filling is needed if the dentist has to remove decay from your tooth, or you have a broken part of a tooth. There are two filling materials that we use: silver and composite (white).
    Advantages of Composite fillings– The colour of the filling can be closely matched to the colour of your existing tooth.
    – They are great for front teeth or visible parts of your teeth as they will not be seen.
    – White fillings can also be used to repair chipped, broken or worn teeth.
    Hide €90 – €120
  6. Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) — (more information)What is root canal treatment? Our teeth are kept alive by nerves and blood. If this supply is damaged, either by infection or decay the tooth becomes compromised. An abscess or an area of infection will occur and if this is not tackled early by root canal treatment the infection will continue to spread and the tooth will ultimately have to be removed. Like any other dental procedure once the area is sufficiently anaesthetised (numbed!) the patient will not feel a thing. Hide €380 – €680
  7. Extraction — (more information)Like it says on the tin, this is where a tooth is removed…. It is always a last resort as we always try to save your teeth. If this unfortunate procedure is required we instruct our patients how to care for the area post-procedure and we are always there to see them if they have any concerns following the treatment. Hide €90
  8. Surgical Extraction — (more information)Occasionally, a tooth due to its position or present state needs to be removed surgically. This involves a more detailed procedure where each section of the tooth is removed individually. It takes longer than a simple “extraction” and your Dentist will prescribe an anti-biotic and pain relief to ensure your comfort afterwards. Hide €150-200
  9. Fissure sealant — (more information)As our children’s adult teeth come through we want to do everything to help these teeth last forever. A fissure sealant involves the placing of a protective layer on the surface of their molar teeth. This will protect our growing children’s teeth from the decay that all of us expose our teeth to everyday. Hide €25 each
  10. OPG X-ray — (more information)There are three reasons for having to carry out this x-ray. Firstly and most commonly to check the position of your wisdom teeth and to see if there is room in your mouth to house them. Secondly, we look at bone levels. This allows us to assess the mouth if, for example you require an implant or if we suspect bone loss secondary to gum disease. Lastly, an OPG will be performed if you are commencing orthodontic treatment and the Orthodontist feels this is necessary for a perfect smile. Again, please tell us if you may be pregnant. Hide €50
  11. Lateral Skull X-ray — (more information)This x-ray is only asked for by Michael, our Orthodontist. It shows a side profile of the head and teeth and unusually for an x-ray shows all the soft tissue, so you can see the forehead, nose and chin. It’s cool to look at! Again, please tell us if you may be pregnant. Hide €35
  12. Night Guards — (more information)Many people “grind” their teeth in their sleep, but are not aware of it until someone tells them about the awful noise they make! They may wake up with a sore jaw or a headache. When they visit the surgery, the dentist will be able to show them how their teeth are being worn away by the constant grinding. An appliance called a” night guard” will be advised. This is a custom made shield which slips over the top teeth at night and protects them from grinding against the lower teeth. Hide €200
  13. Sports guards — (more information)If you play any contact sport then you should always wear a sports guard. Since we have been providing them, the number of patients arriving at the surgery with missing or broken front teeth has fallen dramatically. We would always recommend a custom made guard as it provides better comfort and more importantly it gives much better protection. You can have one in any colour you like, and if you wish two or three different colours! Hide €50 – €60
  14. Crowns / Veneers — (more information)
    A crown is a tooth shaped “cap” that is placed over your existing tooth, covering it to restore its shape, size, strength and to improve its appearance. The dentist will prepare your tooth for a crown by making your tooth smaller and then impressions are given to the dental technician who make a new outer surface that will completely cover your tooth .A temporary crown will be placed until your new crown is made . When your crown has been made, we cement it into place and it functions like any natural tooth.Reasons for Crowns– To protect a weak tooth, especially if you have had root canal treatment.
    – To restore an already broken tooth, or one that is badly worn down.
    – To cover and support a tooth with a large filling , where there is not much tooth surface left.
    – To improve the appearance of your tooth- if it is badly discoloured or you are not happy with the shape of your tooth.A veneer is a little like a false fingernail! It is a thin wafer of porcelain which is bonded to your tooth. The dentist will remove a tiny amount of enamel from your tooth, impressions are taken and the dental technician will construct a covering for your tooth. Once fitted your tooth will feel as it did previously, no bigger and no smaller .Your veneer should last for many years, but just like your own teeth unfortunately they can chip or break.Reasons for Veneers– If your tooth is discoloured or stained.- If you wish to lighten the colour of your front teeth.- If you have gaps between your front teeth that you would like to fill.
    Hide €600 – €850
  15. Implant retained crowns — (more information)If you have an implant placed by a specialist you are normally referred back to the practice to have your crown made and placed. These crowns differ slightly from normal crowns as they are constructed by the dental technician to fit over the implant and not onto a natural tooth. Hide €1250
  16. Maryland Bridge — (more information)If you have a missing front or side tooth and wish to fill the gap, a Maryland bridge is a good option. The dentist takes impressions and the dental technician constructs a false tooth – usually made of porcelain –with an attachment on it. The dentist bonds this to your existing tooth and your gap is filled. No more dentures! Hide €900
  17. Dentures (acrylic) — (more information)
    We all know what dentures are but it is surprisingly a detailed process to get the perfect “denture”. The initial consultation consists of taking impressions of your mouth. These are sent to our dental laboratory where a “bite block” is constructed. This bite block is returned to us where our Dentist will ensure that it fits correctly. This is returned to the lab where the next stage involves the “try in stage”. This is the first fitting of your denture with teeth. Together with your Dentist the colour, fit and length of the teeth are assessed and when both parties are happy the final stage takes place. Your new dentures are made & final fitting takes place with us.Reasons for dentures:– They increase your chewing ability.
    – They provide a natural facial appearance.
    – They make you feel better about yourself.
    Hide €425 – €990
  18. Chrome Partial Dentures — (more information)Chrome partial dentures take longer to make, but they are worth the extra visits. They will give you a much better fitting denture and because of their design they are much healthier for your remaining teeth and palate. Hide €975
  19. Hygienist visit (30 minute session) — (more information)Surprisingly, gum disease (Periodontal disease) is the single most common cause of tooth loss. Periodontal disease affects the gum tissue, bone and supporting tissues of the teeth. Your dentist will refer you into see Annamarie our hygienist, if at examination they see evidence of gum disease, as this is the area she specialises in. She will assess you and create a treatment plan for your immediate needs. She will also give you information and advice as to what you can do at home . We hope that if you are referred into Annamarie that you will work with her so that you will always have a healthy smile! Hide €70
  20. Teeth whitening (per arch) — (more information)This is a treatment that has become steadily more popular – we believe it is because you think your worth it! The tooth whitening process that we have found to be most effective and gives the best results, involves taking an impression of your teeth, and making you a tray – rather like a gum shield- which you wear at night. When your bleaching tray is made we see you in the surgery and you will receive in house bleaching, after which the dentist will assess your teeth and decide which strength of bleaching gel will suit your needs. We like our patients to visit us weekly so that we can monitor their progress whilst they are using the bleaching gel. Hide €150
  21. Orthodontic Treatment — (more information)
    If you or one of your family would like to have their teeth straightened, Michael, our
    orthodontist will be delighted to see you. We have found over the years that patients
    appreciate having an orthodontist in Celbridge. The treatment can last for 18months to
    2 years and as they need to see Michael once a month it is much more
    convenient to have an their treatment done locally.
    Consultation Fees:16 years & Under – FreeOver 16 – €100 ( if you have treatment this is deducted from the price of your treatment ).Visit Micheal Ryan’s Orthodontic Treatments for more information about procedures.

* If you require emergency treatment, please contact Alexis Alexis, our practice manager on (01) 6272238 - as early in the day as possible in order for you to been seen by a dentist.

NOTE: The above is a standard price list and payment plans are available to all patients requiring treatment. We are more than happy to discuss discounts, especially if you are a patient who requires several treatments.